My Experiment with Buying Traffic from a Paid Medium

Have you been battling with getting movement to your blog? Is it true that you are considering paying to have movement headed to your site? In any case, read on to gain from my six years of blogging knowledge.

blog movement purchasing

When I composed my first blog entry here at ShoutMeLoud on December first, 2008, I never thought this arrangement will get so genuine. I was blogging for entertainment only, and one day some sort of enchantment happened and I transformed into an expert blogger!

I like being known as an “expert” in the field, as it sounds so cool. Be that as it may, where it counts I’m still only a blogger on the most fundamental level.

On the off chance that you would have made this inquiry 2-3 years back:

“Hello Harsh, do you think I ought to purchase movement for my blog?”

… I would have said no, and instructed you to concentrate on SEO, visitor posting and driving regular, natural movement.

Be that as it may, truly, things have changed a great deal after some time, and a blog is not just about sharing your morning schedule or your involvement with the new device you just got. Blogging has turned into a genuine article for some, myself included!

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While natural movement used to be the most ideal approach to acquire web activity, nowadays we can’t disregard the significance of focused activity. In the recent years, the commitment of web-based social networking destinations to web activity is rising, and every one of them (or all) have begun offering different promoting arrangements. You can utilize these to advance your online networking property, or to direct people to your blog.

I’m not contradicted to purchasing movement from shoddy sources as a rule, however I for one don’t believe them. I would rather spend some additional pennies/snaps to get more quality and solid movement from reliable locales.

At the season of this written work, I’m trying numerous trusted systems to purchase not really shabby activity headed to my blog, and here I’m reporting every one of those destinations.

On the off chance that you have involvement with some other destinations separated from the ones recorded underneath, don’t hesitate to tell me by means of the remarks segment toward the end of this post.

At last, I will share the majority of the spots from which I am purchasing movement. (Clue: It’s not just to the blog!)

I purchased activity from these 3 locales, and here are the outcomes:

StumbleUpon Ads:

I trust it was in 2007 when I began utilizing StumbleUpon, and from that point forward I have seen them changing their procedure a ton. I have encountered natural movement from StumbleUpon, which went up to 12K/day alone.

StumbleUpon offers a self-serving promotion stage, where you can include your connection and set a financial plan, and StumbleUpon will begin sending movement to your page. It sounds so straightforward, and it really is. For real distributers or brands who need to spend over $10k/month, there are more elements accessible.

StumbleUpon Ads DashboardWhat I like about StumbleUpon advertisements is that they help in driving natural StumbleUpon activity, if your paid movement voted in favor of advanced substance. Do note, in any case, that StumbleUpon promotions won’t work with a wide range of posts.

For my blog, StumbleUpon is by all accounts a debacle. See the online visits and time spent in the diagram beneath (this is movement from StumbleUpon):

StumbleUpon movement

Traps to get the most out of StumbleUpon promotions:

Ensure your substance is scannable

Make your substance outwardly engaging

Put a StumbleUpon identification on the post, as it would act as a suggestion to VoteUp.

List posts like “Main 10” or “21 Best” work incredible.

Individuals who are utilizing StumbleUpon are normally exhausted. Give them something intriguing to draw in them.

Redesign: Here is the outcome from the second advancement of $30 for my 100+ blogging apparatuses post:

StumbleUpon Ad ExperimentAlso read:

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Reddit Advertising:

Reddit was said here on ShoutMeLoud once, and it’s one of the greatest social groups on the web. Joins which are actually getting likes on Reddit, get immense activity. Reddit offers a commercial choice which they call “Advance on Reddit”.

Making your promotion crusade on Reddit is simple, and you have the choice to choose focusing on in view of Sub-Reddit. As far as focusing as a rule, you have constrained alternatives.

I would propose you invest some energy understanding Reddit, and after that utilization its publicizing stage to advance your substance.

reddit publicizing

Reddit acknowledges installment by means of charge card just, and once you make a crusade it can take up to 12 hours to get endorsement.

Facebook publicizing:

Facebook is as of now one of the top goals for sponsors to purchase activity or promote their item. I have utilized Facebook promotions for purchasing Facebook likes and for boosting my page content previously.

When I consider every one of the things I’ve done in the past in such manner, I feel sort of doltish. I ought to have utilized Facebook to direct people to my blog as opposed to purchasing Facebook likes!

Here is my thought on my before activity: I paid for Facebook advertisements to purchase likes for my page. Later I paid Facebook for making my notices connect with a similar group of onlookers. At last, a Facebook page is still a property of Facebook.

Is it safe to say that it isn’t ideal to direct people to points of arrival, and afterward change over that activity into an email supporter or for getting likes through the Facebook “Like” box?

purchase Website Traffic Facebook Ads

Of late I have begun utilizing Facebook to direct people to the blog, and it truly is one of the best stages to work with. I can be exceptionally exact with my focusing on, and can get focused on clients to my blog.

Here are couple of things which first-time clients ought to think about Facebook promotions:

You can utilize your current email rundown to target promotions to just those individuals.

You can utilize your current email rundown to make a clone gathering of people set. (That implies your promotions will be appeared to individuals with comparable interests and qualities to those on your email list.)

Facebook likewise offers retargeting promotions. This could be an extraordinary approach to build mark esteem or to target substance to individuals who have gone to your site some time recently. You can take in more about it here.

Here is one video which will make it simpler for you to comprehend retargeted advertisements by means of FB:

Subscribe on Youtube

What am I’m advancing with this paid activity?

Now, my way to deal with paid publicizing is to get more email supporters and application introduces. ShoutMeLoud is a specialty blog, and one-time movement is not all that beneficial for a blog this way. My publicizing ROI is when movement changes over into an email endorser or when somebody introduces my application.

Aside from directing people to my high-activity pages, I’m concentrating on advancing:

My blog Android application

Youtube Channel

I see these two open doors as the eventual fate of ShoutMeLoud after the email-list. 90% of my blog’s movement is from web indexes, yet I might want to have the total opportunity to contact clients without depending on internet searcher activity. For the time being, that can be expert by my blog application and my YouTube channel. These will more than likely give the following huge advance for my blog.


In the event that your blog is prepared to be showcased, you ought to have a publicizing spending plan and purchase movement. You can either do it without anyone else’s help or contract an organization to do it for you. In the event that you are doing it without anyone’s help as am I, be set up to come up short at first (or possibly the initial few times!), however soon you will find your own mystery formula for achievement!

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Tell me what different mediums or locales you have used to purchase activity for your blog.

How you are using that movement?

As usual, don’t hesitate to impart this post to any individual who may profit by the data!

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