Mumbai Doctor removes Huge 13 cm Worm from a Man’s Eye

An Indian ophthalmologist removed a parasite measuring thirteen centimeters from the eye of an elderly patient. 


13 cm parasite removed from Krishnamurthy's eye could have entered through blood (Image credit Yahoo News)


Dr. Seetharaman with the patient after operation that lasted 15 minutes. (Image credit Sowetanlive)


Dr. V. Seetharaman from Fortis Hospital, Mulund in Mumbai, India while examining a 75-year-old P.K. Krishnamurthy earlier this week, came across an astonishing thing. As reported by AFP, the patient complained of persistent pain in his eye, and during checkup, the doctor observed a squirming worm under the conjunctiva of patient’s eye.

Dr. Sitaraman acknowledged that this is the first time in thirty years of his professional practice. He decided to immediately remove the parasite, before it could cause any serious damage. Through a small hole, he removed the 13 cm filamentous worm, and the patient immediately got releived from pain.

The operation lasted 15 minutes and was conducted in the presence of patient’s frightened wife. Woman admitted that she was a bit scared seeing the worm removed from her husband’s eye continued to wriggle and jump.

The worm remained alive for another half an hour after the operation. Doctor has sent it to the laboratory to establish the form of parasite. Dr. Sitaraman says that he had heard about worms measuring 2-3 cm removed from eyes, but it was truly a champion.

Ophthalmologist explains that the patient might have been infected by eating raw or improperly cooked food or by contaminated water. At some point of time, the parasite got into the bloodstream and through blood vessels it entered the eye of patient. According to doctor, if the parasite was not removed in time, the patient could have lost his sight. The worm could also enter the brain, which would have led to serious neurological problems.

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